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At Abilene Ag Service and Supply, our first priority is to help our farmers/ranchers and customers grow. This means providing quality products, the latest in innovation, and first-class customer service. As agriculture and our communities evolve, we are committed to staying at the forefront of the industry. Locally we employ a knowledgeable and professional staff to assist you with your agricultural needs and provide you with the service that matters.

  • Custom Bulk Fertilizer Blending

    The team at Abilene Ag knows the importance of how a quality and correctly blended fertilizer can benefit your yield. We have access to all the best nutrients to create a customer fertilizer blend for each field and soil type.

  • Application

    Here at Abilene Ag, we know the importance of timing when it comes to applying fertilizer (liquid and dry) and pesticides. As growers ourselves, we are always looking at new ways to better the production cost so that we can insure that each grower maximizes his or her full yield potential. This is why we only certify the most highly trained and experienced technicians.

  • Crop Consultation

    Abilene Ag helps farms to grow better crops and to maintain a strong environmental compliance position. This is achieved through independent, professional agronomy consulting, science based decisions, technological innovation, and a staff dedicated to the success of our clients.

  • Seed Cleaning

    Seed cleaning along with treatment management and responsible stewardship play a vital role in sustaining ourenvironment while maximizing crop yield. Here at Abilene Ag, we practice responsible stewardship that helpsmaintain seed and seed treatment integrity, which keeps the active ingredient on the seed to achieve the maximum crophealth benefit for the investment. In addition, these practices help minimize the potential for adverseeffects on producers and the environment, including pollinators, which may be present at the time ofplanting. Seed treatments, including fungicides and insecticides, play a critical role inagriculture and the production of a healthy crop. In addition to helping manage against early seasonpests and diseases, they deliver high levels of efficacy at reduced active ingredient usage ratescompared to foliar or soil applied applications.

  • Grain Elevator

    Whether you raise crops or livestock, success and profitability hinge on your ability to manage risk. That’s where Abilene Ag Service & Supply can help. As grain and livestock marketing has changed, we have earned a reputation for quality service in assisting producers with their futures and options strategies.

  • Soil Sample Analysis

    The purpose of these readings is to provide a guideline for determining optimum nutrient levels for crop growth. Optimum levels may vary slightly from those shown on the Soil Analysis Report; however, the best value is dependent on many factors such as type of crop, yield potential, and soil types. After receiving the results of your soil analysis, we can meticulously create a fertilizer blend that meets your soil’s needs and optimizes your yields.

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